Tina Beckett
"Love is the Cure"
Award-Winning Author
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May 2013

When the clock strikes midnight…

Dr. Miranda Dupris is fed up with men! Her ban on relationships
is a New Year's resolution she is determined to keep. To prove
it, she'll go on twenty-five dates in one year—and that's first
dates only. Maybe then Mira will be able to find Mr. Right!  

Finding a man is one thing. But when sun-kissed doc Jack Perry
arrives in a spray of perfect snow it soon looks as if Mira might
be destined to lose her hundred-dollar bet…along with her heart!

Book 1 of New Year's Resolutions

Some things you never forget…

Your first time. Your first love. Your first broken heart. Or, in
Jessi Riley's case, all three combined in one…as Clinton Marks.

Bad boy extraordinaire, Clint left town the night of Jessi's
graduation, after sharing one unforgettable night together. Now,
two decades later, he's back in her life as the military doctor
looking after her daughter!

As shared memories float to the surface, Jessi and Clint can no
longer deny their longing for each other. Could it be that second
time around, one night will become forever?

"I can't tell you…"

Equine therapist Trisha Bolton has a secret. One she's not
allowed to tell anyone. Finally given the chance to start over, she
just needs the backing of local ultragorgeous neurosurgeon Mike

No stranger to betrayal, Mike has every reason to be wary of
Trisha. Yet each touch sparks long-extinguished flames in Mike,
and soon their sessions in the barn become more steamy than
either of them bargained for! Mike's had enough of secrets in his
life. But can he convince Trisha that she can trust him with hers?

Spotlight on Equine Therapy!
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Listed in
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